Accentuate the beauty of your home with Custom Shutters from Ash Interiors.

Shutters are the perfect solution for those who want their window coverings to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Shutters can pull a room together by perfectly framing a window. With many different styles, finishes and configurations, shutters can be the perfect fit for almost any window.

Some of the many benefits of having shutters installed in your home are the energy efficiency advantages. Eclipse Shutters are designed with cellular construction that has pockets of air in the louver and frame parts. This construction virtually eliminates solar heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation during winter months. Save on your heating and cooling bills by installing Eclipse® Shutters today!

In addition to that benefit, they are also very easy to care for. Water can be a destructive force around bathrooms, kitchens and other high humidity areas. The wrong types of materials in these spaces may rust, crack, mildew and even warp. Fortunately, Eclipse Shutters resist all of these damaging effects making them the perfect choice for water-prone environments.

Permanent marker is permanent on most surfaces, but not on Eclipse Shutters. Ink, crayon and other staining agents do not bind to the smooth surface. In most cases, soap and water is all it takes to remove unsightly blemishes. Removing the shutters for cleaning is a breeze. From the simplicity of the two-part hinges, to its ultra-lightweight composition, this shutter system can be removed from the window by a single person within seconds, and reinstalled without needing a manual.

The Eclipse Shutter has a resilient composition, and the durable finish makes dents and scratches a rare possibility.

Ash Interiors carry branded shutters from manufacturers such as: Eclipse by Shade-O-Matic, Maxxmar and Vinyltek. Call us today for a no obligation quote!